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Welcome to this Divine Buffet where "Written Messages" are also "Songs"

Welcome to this Divine Buffet where "Written Messages" are also "Songs"

Welcome to this Divine Buffet where "Written Messages" are also "Songs"Welcome to this Divine Buffet where "Written Messages" are also "Songs"

Feeding Our Souls

What are you feeding your Soul … is it helping you reach your goal?

The Spiritual Soul Food here today, on display, can help each of you 

in your own unique way.

There are many appetizers, entrees, and desserts

to help get you started thinking or to soothe what hurts. 

Why do we feed our Souls?

We feed Our Souls so thoughts will flow into our mind ... so answers we will find.

Our Souls keep us alive ... they help us thrive.

How often do you feed your Soul?

When we feel drained or weak or not quite at our peak,

that's the time that we should seek to refuel and feed our Soul.

What are you feeding your Soul?

If you feed it crap ... you'll pay the price ... so, you'd better think twice.

Your Soul Food of choice determines the voice that you will hear loud & clear

that internal voice of your own often subconscious choice.

The Soul's purposes and preferences ...

Our Souls keep us alive ... Our Souls can help us thrive.

Don't you know that your Soul needs Love ... the kind of Love that comes from Above,

a Love that knows no bounds ... a Love that we can share ... on common grounds.

It’s important to feed Our Souls high quality positively reinforced Loving Energy 

always & in all ways.

So, "Thank You", in the future ... in many different ways, your Soul might say for partaking today 

of this Spiritual Soul Food Buffet. 

As with any "Buffet" please stop partaking once you feel that you are getting full.

The price of readmission is only your valuable time minus the trouble.

This site showcases "Writings" that have come to me & R4U2


Messages available here at the Buffet are ...

          Spiritual thoughts about things to lift our Spirits


         give our Souls wings to rise above all we do not Love.


Message content

                       After reading the Writings here at the Buffet,                                        whether you study or sleep,  

           the appropriate understanding for each person will  appear                           uniquely within his Soul down ever so deep.


Message "Sharing"

             With each "Writing" we never presume to teach.

           We Lovingly offer to "Share" each message with you 

           so it can help you gently extend your understanding 

                    and reach a place of Peace, Love, & Joy 

    that will  help you destroy any & every fear that may appear. 

So, please enjoy this Spiritual Soul Food Buffet in any and every way                               YOU Lovingly CHOOSE.

  Then all will win and none will lose

Site Content


Perception Varies

Perception Varies

These hidden word messages

can help us 

relieve the strife

in our life. 

Perception Varies

Perception Varies

Perception Varies

Each "I AM" Soul  knows

that all perception depends upon

perspective and awareness

that we can change.

Timeless "Shares"

Perception Varies

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from January 2018

Each "Writing" can help lift our Spirits

up ... up and away every day

if and when we chose not to lose

our Spiritual bearing & sense of caring.

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from January 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from January 2018

"Writings" received or reposted  

in January 2018 

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

"Writings" received or reposted  

in February 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from March 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

"Writings" received or reposted  

in March 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

"Writings" received or posted

 in April 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from May 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Posted as much as

would allow

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from June 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from June 2018

See Files Downloading section 

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from July 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from June 2018

See Files Downloading section 

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from August 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

See Files Downloading section 

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from September 2018

See Files Downloading section

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from October 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

See Files Downloading section

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

See Files Downloading section

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from December 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from November 2018

Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from December 2018

See Files Downloading section

observations . . . 20/20 vision is coming . . .

In 2020 ...


 a HUMAN's FOCUS of sight and insight will be

both near-sighted and far-sighted

both internal and external 

both up close and personal 

as well as 

observer based and objective

striving for accuracy of




In 2019 


     most people believed that they, themselves, could not & would not make a difference 

                                         ...  so  ...  'why try' ?

                          most people were just waiting for a 'guarantee of success' before taking  their own  

                                                                              ...  steps  ...

                                                                ...  action                                                ...   

                                       ...   positive                                                                                            ...

                                          most people were waiting for 'Divine Intervention' or 'Deliverance'

                                                                   to save Planet Earth    and    Her inhabitants.  


                               most people wanted to be with  compassionate 'friends'  who are sympathetic 

                                                            to their same old  unsolvable challenges.

                         most people wanted something or someone else to quickly fix all their problems.

                         Many Spiritual Paths  to  Peace ...  Divine Love  ... and ...  Joy    were    opening .

   * * * * * * * * * * *       * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *      * * * * * * * * * * *  

   * * * * * * * * * * *       * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *      * * * * * * * * * * *  


                           Empowering Metaphysical Concepts  

                        #1        Cause & Effect           

         #2         Power              

#3         Illusions

                #4         Success Prep     

    #5         Self Trust

           #6         Personal Aid

        #7        Awareness

                  #8         Empowerment 

                #9         Manifesting     

 #10                  Joy   

                 #11           Gratitude          

 #12                Bliss

   * * * * * * * * * * *       * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *      * * * * * * * * * * *  

       * * * * * * * * * * *       * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *        * * * * * * * * * * *      * * * * * * * * * * *     

              LOOKING  BACK      .  .  .     to understand from where we have come

Yesterday in 2018 it seemed that

. . .  nobody wanted to be the littlest bit wrong 

       but everybody wanted to be the littlest bit right.

. . .  people were looking to place blame.

. . .  people were looking for and/or into change.

. . .  most people did not know all their options or even where to find their options.

 . . . Tomorrow was still a new day . . .

It's never too late to  learn about & understand  basic Metaphysical concepts 


    mindfully  remember to use them to be the "Best" You that you can be.

My "Personal" Favorite 


The Greatest Of Divine Prayer

Greatest Of Divine 

whose masculine aspects are portrayed as Our Father who art  in Heaven


whose feminine aspects are portrayed as Mother Nature here on Earth

Hallowed be Thy Name … Thy Kingdom come … Thy Will be done

both in Heaven & on Earth.

Thank You for giving me this day … my daily bread.

Thank You for forgiving me my mistakes as I forgive others.

Thank You for leading me away from temptation.

But most of all

Thank You for your continuous  unconditional Love & Blessing

For all

AND ... So it is ... Thank You


The ABC’s of Effective Efficient Living lower stress AND raise Our Spirits

AWARENESS                 BREATHING               COMPOSURE

Always                               Bringing                          Controlling    

Watching                         Revitalizing                   Our

And                                      Energy                            Manic

Responding                     Always                            Personality

Effectively                        To                                     Only

Noticing                            Help                                 Selecting

Everything                        In                                      Useful    

Seems                                 Now                                 Reflective

Synchronistic                 Graciously                    Energies 



 ALIVE                              AWESOME                       BLESSING

Always                             Acknowledging                Believing

Living                               Wonder-filled                    Life

In                                        Expectations                      Exists               

Virtuous                         Synchronistically             Synchronistically

Energy                            Optimizing                           Simply

                                            My                                             In

                                            Experiences                         Now 



ACCOUNTABILITY    …   See 2018 Nov. #6



















                                                 //: Breathe now Breathe ://

As I Breathe, I sing that when I Breathe I bring

revitalizing energy  to help everything for you and for me

in both this and every other reality.

 //: Breathe now just Breathe ://











BITCHES                                     BITCH

Bewildered                                Bewildered

I ndividuals                                 I ndividual

Totally                                         Tumultuously

Confused                                    Creating 

Hopelessly                                 Hatred







Negativity / Now



































Deliver a Miracle now.

Don't stop to think why or ask how.

Just deliver a Miracle now.



















                                D I S




ENGAGEMENT                            ENGAGE

Energy                                               Energy

Now                                                   Now

Guiding                                             Guiding

And                                                    And                     

Gauging                                           Gauging 

Every                                                 Everything






Experiencing                       Energetically   

All                                             Allows

Roads                                      Revelations

To                                             To

Happiness                            Happen





























The Faith you seek is always there.

The Faith you seek is everywhere.

The Faith you seek is in your Spiritual Heart … not your physical/mental/emotional mind.

Always remember that as you so seek, you so shall find.

The Harmony of you & me and he & she and us & we is called Faith.

When FAITH appears it’s always clear that someone finds all in total harmony.

  The Faith we have in God is inexplicably odd.

  But it works in its own way and that’s all we have to say.

  But when it comes to having Faith in our fellow man,

  we try to scrutinize & dissect all we can.

To have Faith in another be it God, our sister or our brother,

requires us to focus on facets of Divine Love which are constantly expanding

and ignore those voices that are fearful and selfishly demanding.


Freezes               Forces              Forms

Everything        Every                Emotional

Allowing            Ascension      Awareness

Revisions          Reversal          Responses









Heartfelt   or  Hateful  



































Luster / Lifeforce / Light / Love
























Each & every day we discover more & more secrets hiding in "Junk" DNA.




Realities / Relationships












































MUSIC                        MUSIC

Magically                 Magnifies      

Uplifts                        Universal

Spirits                        Sound

Initiating                   Intensifying

Change                     Creation                  









The Divine Light within me sees the Divine Light within you 

no matter what  we say or do.

And so I say "Namaste".


Necessary      Necessary

Energy             Experiential

Existing           Energy

Daily                 Demonstrated

OH      and     OM

Open              Open

Heart              Mind












PEACE                          PEACE                 PEACEFUL             

Perpetual                    Positive              Positive

Energy                          Energy                Energy

Advocating                Actively              Actively

Compassion              Creating             Creating

Eternally                     Everything        Everything






























































































When the pieces do not work or fit;

when I can't make any sense of  of it,

Send help it's time ... send help it's time.

Sh-it, sh-it, sh-it ... I'm fed up with all of it.

Sh-it, sh-it, sh-it ... I think I'm gonna quit.

Send help it's time ... send help it's time.

               Send help it's time.



SOULS                   SOUL

Store                      Stores

Our                         Our

Universal             Unique

Lifetimes'            Lifetimes                       





















Universally / unique

Truthful / true



Totally                                   Trash

Rationalizing                      Reality

Yourself                               Yourself

If you have ever wondered why I do not say “I try” … I’ll explain it.

Trying can be rough and trying can be tough.

And I never ever seem to get or do enough to succeed.





































We ReDEFINE words to rebalance & realign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . our LIFE and MIND

We ReDEFINE words to rebalance & realign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . our LIFE and MIND

Perception is variable . . .

I Know ...

that the "Writings" that come to me and through me will be perceived differently
by different people at different times for a variety of reasons.  

Instead of getting bogged down with listing all possible reasons here and now,
let's look at popular past programming concepts that have controlled & limited most humans.

     1.  Humans are born bad in some form of a less than perfect state of being.
    2.  Humans have to constantly earn God's Love.
    3.  God exists externally ... outside of Humans.
    4.  Others' needs are more important than one's own needs.
    5.   It is always better to give than receive.
    6.  One person can't make a difference.

Most humans only rely on their memories to make their own "Free Will" Choice decisions.  

Long ago the thoughts of the Divine Source of All entered Humans' minds freely & clearly.  

In the time between then and now many self-serving sources have figured out how to get into the minds of humans to plant and promote their own selfish agendas both overtly & covertly.

                              But  . . .   if it is really true that  . . . Humans are made in God's Image,     

                                                               then ... We are all God's children.

                                   Isn't it time we started remembering that  AND  being that?

It can start out small and simple and grow organically   .  .  .

                                                                               as one Spiritually evolves in his own way at his own speed.  

                            Start by doing something  that you passionately love that brings you                          

                                                                    Peace  ...  Love  ...  and  Joy.                      

 ALWAYS   . . .   Ask for and expect and then remember to  accept   "AID"    in all your endeavors.  

Even God uses the aid of Angels in the Spirit Realm & the aid of Humans in the physical realm.                        

No one ever has to be alone and it is time that we all hear AND understand that!
Feeling or being alone is a Free Will Choice.  

We are always connected to the Divine Source.                             

God, our Divine Source, gives us more than just "the Breath of Life".  

 4 Step  “Hear Me”  Spiritual Assistance Request Protocol

                         >>> for me personally <<< 

                    >>> this is a progressive program ... 

first I read & worked with the Step 1 concept until it became natural i.e. second nature to me

then I added Step 2 and worked with it until that also became second nature to me <<<

>>>next Step 3<<< and then >>> finally Step 4<<<

This is only one option ... you can create your own procedure and have fun doing it!

Step 1:  Source of ALL “Hear Me” and clear me of fear  so I can enjoy all I hold Dear.

Step 2:  Source of ALL “Hear Me" as me, myself, & I ask for your Guidance and Help 

                                                          to do more than just try.

Step 3:  Source of ALL “Hear Me” ask to Hear You so I can be Divinely Loving in all that I do.

Step 4:  Source of ALL “Hear Me” Thank You for allowing me to be the part of You 

                                                         that I can feel & see.

Intention as a motivator & a moderate stress stream as a stimulator

When we focus our attention on our intention without creating extreme stressful tension 

while staying in the present NOW moment, that may well be 

a key concept for humans to understand and learn how to both be more and do more.  

More simply stated . . .

 Humans get more of what they are thinking think about

 ... think fear filled thoughts then get fear filled things and experiences in life

... think Loving (not fear filled) thoughts then get Loving things and experiences in life

                          So remember, as you sow shall you reap.  

           It is always important to remember to think before you speak 


                    once you speak a thought, its manifestation accelerates.

                The level of  "Awareness" with which one does forgive  

will always match the reason & the purpose one believes he was born to live 

                    on Planet Earth and discover his own true worth.

 Time to let your 'wise' inner child out and grow up.

 Time to let your 'wise' inner child out and grow up.

Timeless "Shares"

Spiritual Soul Food Buffet "Writings"

Writing #1   Namaste

Writing #2   Let go … Let God … Let Good ...

Writing #3   The ABC's of Manifesting

Writing #4   Source “Hear Me” Prayer

Writing #5   Look & Listen to Directions & Connections

Writing #6   Meditation is Mental Medication

Writing #7   Transmuting the Frustration of swear words   

Writing #8    3D - 4D - 5D

Writing #9    Chain of Command

Writing#10    Lightworkers

Writing#11    A Rejection of Selection

Writing#12    Balance is Required

Writing #1   Namaste

The Divine Love & Light of Source within me sees the Divine Love & Light  of Source within you,

no matter what we say or do.

And so I say "Namaste".


The Divine Light within me sees the Divine Light in you,

no matter what we say or do.

And so I say "Namaste".


The  Light within me sees the  Light in you,

no matter what we say or do.

And so I say "Namaste".


The Divine Love within me feels the Divine Love in you,

no matter what we say or do.

And so I say "Namaste".


The Divine within me connects to the Divine within you,

no matter what we say or do.

And so  I  say "Namaste".

Writing #2      Let go … Let God … Let Good ...

Let go of a problem you cannot solve.

Pass it up to God so it can resolve.

Then in place of old worry and strife ...

"Celebrate" some of  the good things in your life.

Let go ... Let God ... Let good ... do what they should.

Letting “good” thoughts about good things in one's life into one’s mind

                           breaks fear-loops in one’s mind

                           allows one to relax and rejuvenate 

                           allows one to hear solutions to problems

Just ‘letting go’ & ‘letting God’ cannot help one with his problem 

if he immediately picks up another problem to stress out and worry about.  


                      Give yourself a break before you have a breakdown.

Writing #3     The ABC’s of Manifesting

The Source of ALL (GOD) is the Architect of “ALL” things.

The Source of ALL (GOD) is the Building Block for “ALL” things.

Humans are the Contractors … it is no surprise 

                                               that here in the problem lies 

                                               because sometimes humans make decisions

                                               that are not always wise. 

Writing #4     Source “Hear me” Prayer

The 4 Step “Hear Me” Prayer

Source of ALL “Hear Me” and clear me of fear 

so I can enjoy all I hold Dear.

Source of ALL “Hear Me” as me, myself, and I   ask for your Guidance and Help 

to do more than just try.

Source of ALL “Hear Me” ask to Hear You  

so I can be Divinely Loving in all that I do.

Source of ALL “Hear Me” Thank You  

for allowing me to be  the part of You that I can feel & see.

Writing #5     Look & Listen to Directions & Connections

I look & listen to the East to receive good thoughts that have been released.

As sure as the sun does rise,

I want to see and hear beyond each fear or disguise.

I look & listen to the West to reassure me, myself, & I that at anytime I’ve done my best.

 As sure as the sun does set,

this I never want to forget.

I look & listen to the North for Divine Wisdom to come forth.

Spiritual Guidance from both Above & below

was meant to help me thrive and grow.

I look & listen to the South to remember to think ... before I speak words out of my mouth.

Uncontrolled feelings & emotions

have been known to cause disturbing disruptive commotions.

I look & listen both above & below 

to connect to Our Father in Heaven & Mother Nature on Earth 

to help me understand, flourish, and grow. 

I always look & listen within to never be without

The Divine Love Connection that Source is all about.

Writing #6     Meditation is Mental Medication

Writing #7   Transmuting the Frustration of swear words   

Using acronyms to redefine swear words helps transmute old frustrating memories.  

SHIT        originally called forward more future bad things 





                  This acronym now more appropriately requests help to end bad things.

DAMN       originally called forward more future bad things




                  This acronym now more appropriately requests help to end bad things.

For now when one hears swear words he can send Divine Love & Light to comfort and aid the swearing victim.  Remembering the new acronym may even bring a smile to one’s face and lighten/enlighten a tense trauma and drama situation.

Writing #8   Chain of Command

The Chain of Command deals with the Origin of ALL.

The Chain of Command deals with the Activation of ALL.

The Chain of Command deals with the Manifestation of ALL.

The Chain of Command deals with 

                                                          Creation  <--->   recreation  

                                                          Evolution <--->   revolution 

                                                          ‘dis’Ease  <---> disease 

Cosmic Chain of Command energy flow on Earth is top down i.e. descending in frequency

  1. Spiritual  …  in one’s Spiritual world
  2. mental / emotional  …  in one’s mind
  3. physical  …  in one’s body or in one's physical world

for every thought, every word, and every thing.

In 2018 oh so very many people still want to talk only about the “physical” realm / world / aspect / our 3D state of being and that will preserve and maintain our “oldEarth where fear was the source and the power force of and for all.  But  a “newEarth based on and powered by Divine Love is being birthed at this time complete with both birth pains and miracles.  For those Human Souls brave enough to venture into this new World it is imperative to understand the Chain of Command energy flow to experience success easier & quicker while avoiding, or at least shortening, many of the trauma and drama situations of failure.

Messages that insist on being seen here.

Messages that insist on being seen here.

Writing # 9    3D - 4D - 5D Basics

Basically … 3D focuses on physical things

                … 4D focuses on emotions

                … 5D focuses on the absence of fear

It seems appropriate to mention that 3D is short for “third dimension”.  

Metaphysically speaking, right here … right now, let’s keep this writing simple 

and not talk about “how” 3D, 4D, or 5D came to be here on Earth in this reality.

 Metaphysically speaking a dimension is a perspective or a level of awareness.  

A dimension is NOT a place … not a physical location to take the Human Race. 

A dimension is a mental state of mind where one can experience completely or just find situations and experiences galore to understand more & more or just briefly explore.


Within the realm of 3D the human focus is on understanding physicality.  

A 3D mind is blind to & unaccepting of anything it cannot taste, touch, hear, smell, or see.  Everything here in 3D needs a clear logical no nonsense explanation of why & how it is what it is and how it came to be.  Here one’s self-serving ego reigns supreme.  

Even though one’s ego can’t be tasted, touched, smelled, or seen … it is heard.  

Even though what it says is often absurd, one’s selfish ego is frequently a human’s voice of choice that he listens to to decide what to do.  Usually a human wants his decision to be socially acceptable and socially preferred to allow that person to “fit in” and guide him through his daily life even if and when it causes pain and strife. 

 Sooner or later, eventually 3D becomes boring.  For once a human discovers that he has feelings & emotions that cause waves of adrenaline rushing highs that send him soaring … that’s no longer boring.  But then to his chagrin each high riding wave is followed by a downward depressing low and a soul crushing blow as he is riding that same wave down, down, down and it spins him round & around while he is desperately looking for any “joy” … but it can’t be found.  He realized he has crashed and splashed into his own personal ocean of emotion comotion.  Then it happens he’s become addicted … he feels he needs to explore and he wants to seek more and more … and more. 

  In 4D (the fourth dimension) let it be no surprise that people are intrigued, consumed, and even hypnotized by emotions & feelings … first experiencing them and than dealing with their consequences.  4D is a mental physiological world of rationalizing and perfecting one’s defenses.  It’s a mental emotional battle ground where winners & losers can be found all around.

  4D is a fast & furious roller coaster ride for both one’s physical body and one’s mental selfish self-serving ego’s pride.  But desire for this fast paced wild ride will eventually subside and lose its appeal, once people understand that its consequences are often devastating and oh so very real.  People will get out of the line for this wild ride … 

they will step aside when they have learned to master their emotions and their self-serving pride which have caused disaster, pain, and grief.  People will get out of line because they now want some relief.  Once people learn how to remember to think of the consequences  of their choices before they speak, their disaster causing self-serving ego emotions will no longer havoc wreak upon themselves or their fellow man.   Why? … because their egos are Spiritually evolving, as it was always the plan, from a selfish self-centered self serving “me” ego into a what’s best for all “We” ego.

  As the intrigue of the “We” ego begins to call, people will happily climb and go beyond the 4D “me” ego amusement park wall.  Then they will enter a world where miracles are common place and occur naturally.  This is the 5D world where people are learning to connect their inner & outer Source of Divinity to best serve the Earth, the Cosmos, and all of the Human Race.  This is where each Human has his own unique journey at his own self determined pace. Here in the mental state of Divine Love awareness opportunities abound as all Souls can meet Lovingly without fear and interact on common ground.

Everyone has the choice to stay & play in 5D every day.  Or at any time & any place 

one can descend once again back into the 3D or 4D Earth rat race.

Remember as a Human, one has his own Free Will choice 

and in 5D no one is trying to take it away from you!

Writing #10     Lightworkers

Lightworkers working in the Light are seldom seen.

But their work in the darkness reigns supreme …

far far better than they could ever dream.

Lightworkers do what comes naturally.

There is no one size fits all diagram or strategy.

What Lightworkers do may be hard to explain, 

but when they do what they do no one can complain.

When Lightworkers do what they do, no one can deny it has been done 

even if they can’t explain how or why it happened or had begun.

Lightworkers do the best they can to help their fellow man

by being a beacon of Source’s Divine Light & Love 24/7 day & night 

bringing forth the power to make all things alright.

Writing #11    A Rejection of Selection

A rejection of selection is more about one’s internal dialogue 

than one’s infernal external objective perspective 

that most people aspire to acquire.

Look in to look out for both the joys & the pitfalls 

that Human life is all about and always be aware 

of which inner voice now calls.  

For not every inner voice Loves, shares, & cares.

Remember, it's always up to you to decide what to do.

At any time it's always your own Free Will Choice

which voice you will choose ... which advice you will use.

Writing #12     Balance is Required

To live your life in Peace, Love, & Joy with flair

you must understand that balance is required everywhere.

It’s a constant teeter totter of he/she … you/me 

should do … could do what we oughter to show 

that we care & express appreciation everywhere we go.

When I receive a gift that gives me a physical, mental/emotional, or Spiritual lift, 

that creates an imbalance of energy which I always feel 

but others seldom understand or see.

So, I say ‘Thank You’ and think that gets me out of red ink …  

debt totally paid once a Thank You statement is made.

But a  physical, mental/emotional , or Spiritual return exchange or gift 

is required to balance my original energy lift that originally transpired.

BEWARE … if you do not look, listen, & truly care, 

then you cannot understand &/or be aware of why life can seem so unfair 


Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from January 2018

Selected "Writings"

Writing #0     Original Fundamental Foundational Writings 2000

                                    “Don’t Take it Personally”

                                    “Don’t Make Assumptions”

                                    “The Power of Words”

Writing #1   “I Believe in Everything”

Writing #2   “Reality is Relative”

Writing #3   “Consciousness” 

Writing #4   “Tired or Bored”

Writing #5   “For Me?”

Writing #6   “To Be Fair”

Writing #7    “Cosmic Porcupine”

Writing #8    “Isolated Loving Souls”

 “Don’t Take it Personally”

The things that we see are different for you and me 

but don’t take it personally.

The things that we feel are often surreal 

so don’t take it personally.

Don’t you now see my need to be free.

Take this as my plea to stop … look … and see

It is time that you see my need to be free so don’t take this

Personally ... no don’t take this personally. … no don’t take this personally.

If I offend someone I call a friend,

please don’t take it personally.

When energies extend any hurt can mend,

when we don’t take it personally.

Don’t you now see my need to be free.

Take this as my plea to stop … look … and see

It is time that you see my need to be free so don’t take it

Personally ... no don’t take it personally. … no don’t take it personally.

Human life comes and goes.  It has its ebbs and its flows, 

so don’t take it personally.

Human life’s meant to be different for you and me … 

please don’t take it personally.


 “Don’t Make Assumptions”

Don’t make a assumptions.

It’s no good for you and me.

When we make assumptions, 

we change reality.

Once we assume it, 

we make an “ass” of “u” and ‘me.

So, please don’t assume it … 

don’t change reality.


       “The Power of Words”

Words can hurt or words can heal

Speaking truth is ideal.

The past has passed so let it go.

The future’s coming this I know ...

Words can hurt OR words can heal.

As Humans we speak words, 

and that’s a very BIG DEAL.

So, please hear my appeal 

when you’re on the brink before you speak … please think.

Words can hurt or words can heal

Speaking truth is ideal.

The past has passed so let it go.

The future’s coming this I know ...

Words can hurt OR words can heal.

Writing #1   “I Believe in Everything”

I believe in everything big & small … one & all.

I believe in everyone’s right, morning, noon, or night, 

... to chose to win or lose

… to continue or stop at the bottom, middle, or the top of any dilema … of any heap 

whether one is awake or asleep.

I believe that no one has the right to interfere with what I chose.

Let me make this clear … even if and when, every now and then, I chose fear.

I believe in exploring things that others may look at as too complex or boring.

I believe that there’s always an above & beyond way to proceed to expand or recede 

every thought, word, and deed.

I believe that everything should be allowed to exist.

But, there are some things that I, myself, chose to ignore or resist 

and I know that their absence in my life will not be missed.  

Writing #2   “Reality is Relative”

Reality is really relative to the time, space, and place 

where one’s individual awareness, in all fairness, creates & observes life 

at its own pace. 

Speed it up … slow it down 

… fast forward … back track 

… or just spin round and around.

But whatever you choose to do

 take in all of it … every vision … every feeling … every sound 

be it simple or compound.

Writing #3   “Consciousness” 

Consciousness is a “state of being level of awareness” 

where particular beliefs in all ‘fairness’ & ‘unfairness’ 

control a sentient being … what he is thinking & feeling.

From autonomic to Cosmic our consciousness does rise.

Each level carries its own secrets which often surprise us with delight 

as we become sager and wiser understanding Love & Light ...

while abolishing the judgments of wrong & right.

Writing #4   “Tired or Bored”

The phrases “I am tired of … “ or “I am bored” should be ignored 

by any well meaning, people pleasing, caretaker 

who in all sincerity is not another person’s social events maker.

Some things should be done by you, yourself.

You’re number “1”.  It’s your own choice to decide how to have fun.

So, take responsibility for what you think, feel, hear, & see in your reality.

If and when you want your life to change, 

then some things you’ll have to adjust or rearrange.

Even though at first that may be strange.

Get your act together regardless of social pressure or inclement weather.

Make lemons into lemonade 

and always get out of the blazing sun by temporarily going into the shade.

Do whatever you have to do by being the best possible you ...

to go forward and get through ... from the beginning to the end 

in the company of, but not under the control of a friend.

Writing #5   “For Me?”

Everything boils down to what I need to feel about me.

But most of the time I ignore my own needs 

to understand & see the truth hiding … the truth residing  in plain sight .

Never allowing the mantra “Me first” to be healthy or even alright.

If everything I do is selfishly just for me, than how can I say that

I am helping improve humanity?

Well … yes, I guess I am improving me  and I am part of humanity.

To see a bigger picture, the bigger picture view, 

I play both a small and a large role for the Unified Me & You.

But to be fair, understand, or even care we must be aware 

of the Unity we share. 

Writing #6   “To Be Fair”

To be fair one must always be aware of all the possible possibilities everywhere 

both in here and out there … everywhere.

Otherwise and let this be no surprise ... Life will seem unfair.

Fair or unfair … from where do you look?

From an objective distance or 

up close stuck in a subjective, reflective, individualized personal experience nook 

where problems continue to resound and abound?

Fairness is overrated when its elevated to the ultimate, be all … 

the best of the best raising some over others … like it’s a test.

Fairness was meant to be the ‘Bringer of Equality’ in every situation.

Think back and notice that “fairness” is rarely used 

when NO ONE is oppressed, suppressed, or used and abused.

Also notice that when life is unfair not many people seem to care 

unless it’s their burden they’re looking at & desiring to share.

To be fair even though 'Fairness' was meant to be the ‘Bringer of Equality’ in every situation & opportunity, it's  hard to practice & promote being Fair in reality.

Writing #7    “Cosmic Porcupine”

Planet Earth is a Cosmic Porcupine whose quills like Human wills 

rise and fall reaching out and into the Divine.

… Reaching up & out

… Protecting down & in

… Hiding the biggest, brightest, best cosmic treasure there has ever been.

A unique ecosystem of Planet and man 

sharing one Divine heartbeat … one Divine Plan … to honor one & all thru every rise & fall.

Allowing all to live & learn to discern individually what will continue to exist and 

be in tomorrow’s future reality.

Hurrah for what we have all had ... and …Hurrah for what is yet to be.

The Earth is an ever evolving Cosmic Porcupine 

with an ever-evolving  understanding of its purpose and design 

... A Divine Experiment of Free Will Choice 

where and when Humans use their minds or Hearts & an inner voice 

to either devolve or evolve by choice.

Writing #8     “Isolated Loving Souls”

I’m so sad to see so many isolated Loving Souls 

... afraid to make public their wishes, dreams, and goals.

I’m so sad to see so many isolated Loving Souls 

... afraid to play bigger roles.

I’m so sad to see so many isolated Loving Souls not knowing they have a simple choice 

                                              to join forces to amplify their voice.


Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from February 2018

Selected "Writings"

Writing #1    “To Get To The Heart of The Matter”

Writing #2    “ForGive” 

Writing #3    “I Miss & I Misunderstood” 

Writing #4    “Our Decisions & Revisions”

Writing #5    “Manifest a Concrete Wall of Success”

Writing #6    “The Best of the Best”

Writing #7    “Them & Us”

Writing #8     “When Blessings are … ”

Writing #1    “To Get To The Heart of The Matter”

To get to the heart of the matter 

Step one    Stop the chatter

Step two    Clean up the collateral damage of what you no longer need to feel & see

Step three  Intend to be a part of the solution to reach your every resolution

The Spiritual Heart is always the place to start.

For that is where you will find Love from Above.

And Divine Love is always blind to any prejudice you will find in your mind.

Problems always have a cause.

Think about this for a while … then just rest and pause … expecting 

an answer to appear dissolving your worry & fear.

When you are done playing the “Blame Game” and 

ready to move beyond the same old same game, 

then you will be part of the solution to your problem resolution.

Writing #2    “ForGive” 

Forgive to release … to find inner peace.

Forgive to forget regret.

Or better yet forgive to move forward and live a life with more joy and less strife.

Forgiving is for giving us all another chance to productively interact … rejoice .. and dance with the best of the best forsaking all the rest of what we detest.

Forgive for you … forgive for me.

Forgive to set us all free to be the best we can be 

in each and every present time and place reality.

Forgive yourself the past so in the present here & now 

a new future can grow that will be productive and last.

Writing #3    “I Miss & I Misunderstood” 

I miss the you that I wanted you to be.

I miss the us that I wanted to feel and see.

But I do not miss the you that did not miss me but did dismiss the me I used to be.

I guess that I just misunderstood what I thought was good, 

when I found out that it turned out to be not as good for you, as it was for me.

Imagining the imaginary is an alternate reality.

If and when I analyze there is no 1st place prize,

there is no runner-up or second place,

then there is only second guessing and beating one’s self up at one’s own pace.

So if I miss and/or I misunderstood some of what was in the past, might it have been good?

So what good will it do to trash & rehash all that we went through?

Will it make a better me or you?  Next time will we change our actions & our ways 

so our tomorrows will create better future todays?

In an alternate reality I miss that I missed what I misunderstood 

for I thought it was going to be bad but it might have actually been good.

Writing #4    “Our Decisions & Revisions”

We’re suing him.  We’re suing her.

But we can stop or continue to proceed any time we prefer.

Our decisions & revisions are ours alone …

when to continue … or stop 

to move on … or postpone.

It’s always our Free Will Choice whether to be depressed or rejoice 

by choosing to listen to a particular voice.

We’re hating him.  We’re hating her.

But we can stop or continue to proceed any time we prefer.

We’re Loving him.  We’re Loving her.

But we can stop or continue to proceed any time we prefer.

Writing #5    “Manifest a Concrete Wall of Success”

Ring the bell  (ring … ring … ring)

No need to sell me on this ‘manifesting’ thing  (ding … ding … ding)

Start out small to build a wall of your many tiny concrete successes 

that helped avoid large potential messes. 

Be proud and stand tall as you look at and recall any or all 

of your positive concrete successes never knowing or caring 

if anyone else really knows or guesses the part you played, the difference you made 

in God’s Plan to return to our original state of being a Divine Human.

Writing #6    “The Best of the Best”

To be the Best of the Best 

to rise to the top to be the cream of the crop 

one must always in all ways hunger for more & more.

Always finding more ways to enjoy each new groove as you move higher & higher.

Because you still desire to aspire to move up, up, up … higher & higher.

Always in all ways improving as you are moving & grooving.

Desire AND enjoyment are the key ingredients of deployment for one to rise to the top.

So, beware if & when one does decline or stop.

For that should be your first signal … the first sign 

of an eminent pending fall or at least a decline.

Writing #7    “Them & Us”

To stop all the fuss between “Them” & “Us” let’s redefine & redesign 

“them” again & again as “us in waiting”.

Where & when we all are realigning & always anticipating 

a Divine Resolution for any problem solving, stress dissolving solution

there & then we all can easily see both them & us are made up of you and me … 

commonly called “we”. 

In our present time we were the “us in waiting” of the past 

eagerly awaiting to blast into the future to be the us of today we now see.

Each time we say it’s “them vs us” 

it really curses us in so many ways beyond our present knowning.

It stresses us and stops us from emotionally growing.

It uses up our energy that we could have used to be peaceful, Loving, joyful & free ... 

Free of all fear ... let me make that crystal clear.

For at some time, in some place, in and on this journey called the ‘Human Race’, 

we have all been ‘one of them’ separated from all of Us.

And that has caused all our trials, tribulations, and fuss.

Writing #8     “When Blessings are … ”     

When Blessings are received they bring all  

Rest (psychologically)

Relaxation (physically)

Rehabilitation (mentally)

Rejuvenation (emotionally)

Reunion (socially)

Remembrance (Spiritually)

When Blessings are appreciated, they remain activated.

When Blessings are shared, they and their effects multiply.

When Blessings are requested, the Universe becomes more positive. 


Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from March 2018

Selected "Writings"

Writing #1     “Heal One’s Own Self”

Writing #2     “Being & Feeling”

Writing #3     “Old Trash”

Writing #4     “A Release of Fear”

Writing #5     “Back Peddling”

Writing #6     “Rising Up”

Writing #7     “Make an Idea a Habit”

Writing #8     “Spiritual Soul Food Buffet”

Writing #1     “Heal One’s Own Self”

Everyone must heal one’s own self 

at one’s own pace … with Love & understanding 

in one’s own space … with  Love that’s not demanding  

at one’s own time … with Love that is forgiving  

in one’s own mind … where Love Blesses all the living.

To HEAL means to Help Everyone Accept Love … 

and that starts with us.

That’s really all the fuss.

If we ourselves we do not HEAL, here’s the big deal, 

a different ‘dis’ease will soon arise and that should be no surprise.

For any lack of Love should be addressed to keep us at our best … 

So we can help ourselves and then help all of the rest

Disease is limited to and can only exist in frequencies of fear.

Let me make this clear.

You can depend on Love to help you transcend over & above …

over & out of fear to be crystal clear.

But trust is a must to keep you up there 

where you practice & care about letting Divine Love out 

and allowing no fear to creep back in or be anywhere about

ruining or pruning the best you that you could be eternally.

Writing #2     “Being & Feeling”

Right from the start Human’s have had a heart 

which is both the Source & the root to boot … 

of their being & feeling pursuit.

There is no beginning & there is no end  

between being & feeling my friend.

Being just is.

It’s an internal Divine power or force.

It’s connected to and given by the Source.

But externally it manifests as a feeling 

which is very personally revealing

“I am” is a state of being with no emotions are we dealing.

But  when “I feel” … out emotions pour … 

sometimes less & sometimes more.

“I am” is what I say to avoid emotions in every way.

But to delve deep & explore, one must allow his “I feel” emotions 

to creep in more & more and then out pour. 

Being causes feeling to explore more & more.

While feeling gives us cause to pause … 

to look within for the “I am” belief that is hiding in plain sight 

to our chagrin both day & night.

Writing #3     “Old Trash”

We can go round & around … implode or expound.

We can dig deep and we can lose sleep wondering why 

we’re only getting by.

Our quality of life is poor when rehashing our old trash for sure.

We can analyze … but to no one’s surprise 

then we’re digging up the past to relive it and make it last.

When our “Now” becomes “Then” over & over again,

it is time to finish each feeling with which we haven’t been dealing.

For we see eventually there can be an end, my friend, to taking out the old trash 

once we no longer feel a compelling need to re-experience and rehash, 

then we can say “goodbye” to our old trash indeed.

Writing #4     “A Release of Fear”

A peaceful release of fear 

allows us to enjoy all we ‘hold Dear’.

A piece of peace brings us a temporary release 

from the terror & error of fear 

making it clear that Divine Love has always been here 

supporting us and patiently waiting 

for us to finish our experiencing & integrating of each emotion & feeling 

with which we’ve been dealing.

Writing #5     “Back Peddling”

Pointing out “back peddling” is often looked at as meddling.

That messenger is the focus while the back-peddler performs his hocus pocus.

The faster you peddle to get on a different track the farther you have to go to get back.

Back-peddling can be very unsettling for all involved.

And seldom has it ever … a problem solved

Every back-peddler would prefer to go unseen … to live in a world of inbetween 

making only friends … no enemies …

trying so very desperately to placate & please.

Back-peddling is never easy and never fun for anyone.

When back-peddling is not acknowledged or it is ignored 

tons of emotions & feelings become stored deep within human cells.

That is where disease first dwells.

Writing #6     “Rising Up”

When it’s time to quit griping & moaning … avoiding & postponing, 

then that’s the time you are ready to see the best person you can be 

rising up from your own old ashes … rising up to help the masses.

You’ll be rising up from the dying fire of crashing & burning embers 

with a Soul that first ‘hopes’ and the ‘remembers’ … 

who you are & why you came here … 

The reason is that you came here to overcome and vanquish fear..

Writing #7     “Make an Idea a Habit”

Just because you gravitate to an idea and grab it 

that doesn’t make that idea a habit.

One must repeat & repeat until 

the mental thought pathway in one's brain and  one's physical response action routine 

is automatic & complete each & every time … 

over & over again … not just every now and then.

Even though wishing for a habit to occur is what most people would prefer,  

to acquire a habit in 2018 does require lots of time, effort, & work … 

starting with awareness … and in all fairness 

it’s just easier to complain & complain over & over again 

than to do the work and suffer the pain.

Writing #8     “Spiritual Soul Food Buffet”

Minimum ‘zero’ calories … maximum 100% nourishment  & support 

for every Spiritually Evolving being of any & every sort.

This is the purpose of this Spiritual Soul Food Buffet to help Souls evolve in any and every way

Always OPEN ... day or night … with an unending amount of bounty’s insight.

Anything & everything is yours for the taking.

But remember that your own Free Will Choice will be making 

all decisions & revisions … all that you select & respect or all that you chose to reject.

The speed of your own Spiritual Evolution is up to you and you alone.  You can chose to do it now  ... or you can chose to wait and postpone.


More Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from March 2018

Writing  #9      “I Know Perception Varies”

Writing #10     “Engage BUT Don’t Enrage”

Writing #11  “Tune In … Tune UP”

Writing #12     “The Background”

Writing #13     “Is It OK?”

Writing #14     “Borders & Boundaries”

Writing #15     “Our Lives WILL Change”

Writing  #9      “I Know Perception Varies”

I know 

the perception of what comes to me & through me varies 

because, in all fairness, each individual’s perspective, understanding, 

and awareness carries one’s own unique aspects from A-Z 

that he alone chooses or rejects to use & see.

I know 

I alone can’t change the whole wide world


That’s too big a task of anyone to ask.

But, I know that I can change what I feel & see 

to make me be a better me 

in each & every reality.

Writing #10     “Engage BUT Don’t Enrage”

How is it best to engage but not enrage in this day & age?

From the start, one must stay in that Divinely Loving place of one’s Heart.

That’s easier said than done 


it’s not always fun.

Honest open communication theoretically is great.

But sometimes in reality it turns out second-rate

when a communicator strays from his Heart 

or worse yet was never there from the start.

Writing #11     “Tune In … Tune UP”

“Tune In … Tune UP” for a new way to see.

“Tune In … Tune UP” for a new way to be.

“Tune In … Tune UP” to access your inner power.

“Tune In … Tune UP” any minute of any hour.

When you feel you need a tune up, here’s a good place to come 

whether you are being challenged 

or your life just seems too humdrum.

When you feel you’re out of sorts with your life &/or cohorts, 

know that tuning in … here may be just the place 

for a new way of thinking to begin.

Tuning in can be enlightening .

But sometimes tuning up can be frightening … 

to go where you’ve never gone before 

and to feel oh so very much more.

So when you’re ready to go around a new bend, 

sometimes it’s comforting to take along a friend.

Writing #12     “The Background”

The background … the background makes this world go round & round.

In the background … in the background all things can be found.

Put these words up front, but put me in the background, 

so without a word I can Lovingly surround 

and help to integrate all that is ready and cannot wait.

The steps we take;

The habits we make set the tone 

… for us to proceed or postpone

… for us to intercede on behalf of someone else’s need.

When we make it a habit to step forward & lean in, 

claiming responsibility for our own choices 

of what we’ve done and where we’ve been, 

it’s easier to breathe a sigh of relief 

disempowering fear & eliminating grief.

Writing #13     “Is It OK?”

When someone models that’s it’s ok to be not ok,

it becomes confusing to know what to say

Do you say nothing and let them pollute the air?

Do you say nothing because you don’t care?

Or do you say nothing because you feel life is unfair?

Do you say something that might alienate your friends?

Do you say something that might start a conflict that never ends?

Do you say something yourself, amen, where in both a truth & a lie blends?

Or do you say something that comes from your Heart 

because not saying it might tear you apart?

No matter what your action or response might be, it’s ok & acceptable to me 

to do what you need to do to be who you feel you must be 

at any particular time & place as a part of this Earthly Human Race.

Writing #14     “Borders & Boundaries”

Borders & Boundaries flow with ease 

like a gentle breeze.

Or like the force of a hurricane 

their movements can bring pain.

Borders & boundaries we’ve set them to protect & respect 

a variety of things cherished by you & me.

And remember ‘Borders & Boundaries’   we don’t often see.

The invisibility of any Border or Boundary can make it easy 

to offend a friend.

It’s quick & easy for others to say 

“those who offend you weren’t really your friends any way”

But in most cases those people will be soon gone &/or out of play.

It’s too embarrassing for them to stay.

Writing #15     “Our Lives WILL Change”

The days & the ways of our lives will change & rearrange 

in priority for the majority of us 

as we collect, connect, and recollect, with all due respect, 

the feelings & clues that we never knew how to use.


Spiritual Soul Food Writings from April 2018

Selected Writings

Writing #1     “The ‘Now’ Presence”

Writing #2     “Save the World”

Writing #3     “Simplify”

Writing #4     “Joy & Bliss”

Writing #5     "Less is More"

Writing #6     "The Gift of a Lift"

Writing #7     "Hoping to Cope"

Writing #8     “The Bringer of Passion”

Writing #1     “The ‘Now’ Presence”

To  truly experience the feeling of the ‘Now’ Presence is wow 

...  the taste … the scent … the flavor … to enjoy & savor

is beyond belief … beyond the experience of feeling joy, pain, or grief.

In the “Now” Presence multiple senses can be found and new experiences abound.

Each & every sight & sound around does almost hypnotize 

as it does envelope & compound one’s total perception & sense of being with 

such an unearthly unexpected feeling of Peace, Love, & Joy 

that nothing & no one can destroy.

Writing #2     “Save the World”

A multitude of ‘Save the World’ scenarios have been written 

but not yet activated, deployed, or employed, 

while others actually have been exposed & destroyed over the years 

because of our Love or fears.

And Heaven knows their content varies with their writers.

Some were Peace Lovers & some were right fighters.

Some carried torches to light their foes on fire.

Others carried inspirational torches of words 

to raise the Love vibration on Planet Earth higher.

As most people at this time can clearly see there are two opposing worlds 

that wish to be saved in our present day reality.

There is the old familiar world full of fight & fear.

And there is a new world of peace & love drawing near … but its governing style is yet unclear.

Being alive at this time & in this place is an honor and a huge responsibility 

for everyone in the Human Race.

No matter where your path and/or journey may take you … 

no matter what you feel others may make you do … 

always remember to let the Love & the Light of our Heavenly Creator shine through  

helping both me & you to make this world a better place to live in & explore forever more 

... both our own individual inner & our joint  collective cosmic outer  space.

Writing #3     “Simplify”

Start Immediately Moving Painful Lousey Items From Yourself

If you want to live a better life than just ‘getting by’ … learn to simplify.

Remove whatever takes you out of your positive productive groove.

Condense for your own protection & defense.

Eliminate whatever does not bring you joy  but …  whatever you love … keep it … do not destroy.

Allow yourself or others to destroy useless things that take up your time & space … 

and then either enjoy that new clean & clear empty space 

… or … 

put inspiring things you love in that place.

Writing #4     “Joy & Bliss”

We will never be without Joy or Bliss once we learn to 

experience challenges completely AND then dismiss 

those things in our past that are gone because they no longer needed to last.

We will never be without Joy or Bliss because that’s a Human’s default state of being 

that one can postpone but not totally dismiss …

It’s always there under everything … everywhere.

Joy & Bliss are the cause & the reason that we pause in the midst of fear 

and/or defeat fear by no longer listening to any inner voice saying 

that sad & bad are a necessary but only temporary, 

quite the contrary, to your future perfect world,in which sad & bad will not exist 

because it will always contain Joy & Bliss.

If Joy & Bliss existed as an ever-present “constant conscious” state of being, feeling & seeing,

they would never need to be given a name … and ...they would never need to be protected because they could not be destroyed or defamed.

Here’s some food for future thought … 

in all that exists in this world that we can’t always experience, feel, or see 

there may actually already be Divine Joy & Bliss hiding within you & me,

in our depths of each of our own individual subconscious reality, 

waiting to take birth in & for a new world Planet Earth.

Writing #5     “Less is More”

It’s less that I adore because less can lead to more, more, more 

of any & every thing that we need to be successful doing any & every deed.

In most cases “less is more” unless one’s buying product at a store.

Then one feels taken and one’s faith is shaken in his fellow man when 

greedy profit is the business plan.

Less to look at … less to read means more time to think about more things indeed … 

more time to explore … to integrate … and even happily anticipate 

a better you & a better me are living in a better reality.

Less pressure … less pain leads to more opportunities 

to create & engage in more peaceful, Loving, joyful activities & refrains.

Writing #6     “The Gift of a Lift”

With the resolution of every challenge there’s always a gift.

A gift which gives both one’s mental state of mind and one’s spirits a lift.

One’s outlook is brighter.

The world feels lighter.

One can take a rest from being a fighter.

The first step in getting a challenge to resolve or flip, now breathe deep & get a grip, 

is being able to imagine or see the best in the worst of each challenge or tragedy.

To achieve this challenge 

one cannot be up close involved in any trauma & drama tragedy.

One must be somewhat removed if one wants his own objectivity to be improved.  

The more objective one can be the quicker that challenge resolves in this reality.

The second step in challenge resolution requires the challenged person to be ready, willing, & able to accept help or aid while not being worried or afraid.

Let me make this very clear, challenge resolution is stopped or stalled by any type of fear.

#7     “Hoping to Cope”

Hoping to cope with those who do not choose to hope 

is more than frustrating.

At times it’s debilitating. 

The ‘hopeless’ do not hope less as one might guess.

The ‘hopeless’ never hope at all and 

they seldom cope well if at all as I recall.

But still I take my time and spend my last dime 

to inform them all of a greater & grander plan and call.

As long as someone … anyone chooses to still hold ‘hope’ 

for those having trouble or those who can’t cope, 

then there will always be an open path repairing destruction & decay 

allowing Universal assistance to come into play.

Hope means having only positive expectations 

of & for all living beings & societal nations.

Hope is at the core of receiving Divine Love and oh so much more.

Writing #8     “The Bringer of Passion”

The Bringer of Passion often gets miscast & fantasized 

as a physical romantic lover,

instead of the Spiritually Loving friend  

we discover to our surprise 

who is passionately Lovingly wise. 

The return or onset of passion in any fashion 

is cause to pause and celebrate 

any & every thing in life that is great!

As passion explodes, fear implodes and 

this can be measured by a myriad of electrical diodes.

Or more simply by the happy joyful look on one’s face … 

in one’s smile without ever touching a dial.

The Love that the Bringer of Passion conveys can bring every & anyone, 

who so chooses to come, out of his funky hazy phase 

into Divine Love & Light anytime day or night where all can be alright.

Additional Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from April 2018

Selected “Writings”  

Writing #9    “Ideas Flow When …”

Writing #10    “Envisioning a Future” 

Writing #11     “Problems Can Come, Grow, & Go …”

Writing #12    "Balance is Required"

Writing #9      “Ideas Flow When …”

Ideas come & go like the ebb & the flow of water.

Ideas can remain to create aid, as well as a refrain, 

when one chooses to use, but not abuse or be afraid of, 

one’s method of choice to connect to the voice under the water 

in each go with the flow scenario.

If you want ideas to flow, learn to go with the flow of water.

The most open receptive power in me comes to me in my shower.

Be it morning, noon, or night the voice of Love & Light in my shower 

under the water that falls there’s often a voice that calls to me … 

to be open … to feel, hear, & see messages from beyond the physical me 

to help me be the best me I can be.

Another open receptive power comes to me when I listen to a rain shower.

Be it morning, noon, or night the voice of Love & Light in that rain shower 

under the water that falls there’s often a voice that calls to me … 

to be open … to feel, hear, & see messages from beyond the physical me 

to help me be the best me I can be.

Another open receptive power comes to me when I am floating 

in any standing water that I see. 

The voice of Love & Light is usually crystal clear while I am peacefully floating.

But it rapidly dissolves as my movement beyond floating evolves.

Be it morning, noon, or night that voice of Love & Light in that water

calls to me … to be open … to feel, hear, & see messages 

from beyond the physical me to help me be the best me I can be.

Writing #10    “Envisioning a Future” 

I cannot do things for you … even though I adore you.

But I can envision a future outcome that is perfect for you 

and far from ho hum … 

composed totally of each & every one of your own decisions & choices 

that you & you alone have made, even though at the start you might have been afraid.

As I send that silent gift to you, I rest easier knowing that eventually you will go beyond 

and get through every challenge you have found here on Planet Earth on hallowed ground.

I envision a world where every decision is made for the Greatest Good of All, 

no matter how grandioso large or how oh so insignificantly small.

I envision every do over or take back 

will meet some need, fill some void, or pick up some slack.

I envision a Future that is Peacefully, Joyfully, & Divinely Lovingly soothing &/or solving 

everyone & everything that is ever-evolving. 

Writing #11     “Problems Can Come, Grow, & Go …”

Problems can come, grow, or go each with different agendas … each start a new show.

Problems can come, grow, and go each with a different cause & effect, 

but all deserve our undying respect.

Problems can come, grow, &/or go each being part of a Universal Dance 

so we will be helping the whole Cosmos advance.

Let me run through my problems to find and have fun enjoying everything & everyone.

Let me walk through my problems so I can pause and learn to talk to 

both the problems & the pain to hear about why they need to complain and 

what would end their suffering refrain.

Let me know that problems can come, grow, &/or go if and when

I chose to grow, & explore more & more forever more 

whether or not someone is keeping score.

Writing #12     Balance is Required

To live your life in Peace, Love, & Joy with flair

you must understand that balance is required everywhere.

It’s a constant teeter totter of he/she … you/me 

should do … could do what we oughter to show 

that we care & express appreciation everywhere.

When I receive a gift that gives me a physical, mental/emotional,or Spiritual lift, 

that creates an imbalance of energy which I always feel 

but others seldom understand or see.

So, I say ‘Thank You’ and think that gets me out of red ink …  

debt totally paid once a Thank You statement is made.

But a  physical, mental/emotional , or Spiritual return exchange or gift 

is required to balance my original energy lift that originally transpired.

BEWARE … if you do not look, listen, & truly care, 

then you cannot understand &/or be aware of why life can seem so unfair.


Spiritual Soul Food "Writings" from May 2018

Selected “Writings”

Writing #1     “Purge for Peace”

Writing #2     “Buying Into …”

Writing #3     “A Social Thunderstorm”

Writing #4     "AA Michael"

Writing #5     “The 2018 Human Race Beacon of Light”

Writing #6     “Waxing & Waning Hopes & Complaints"

Writing #7      "Progressive Religious Revelation"


Writing #1     “Purge for Peace”

I feel peace when I can release, as I’ve been taught, 

a thought that should not be thought

… a thought that would not be missed if it did not exist.

Once I can break a negative thought loop,

I find I can breathe comfortably and regroup 

thanking the Sources in the Universe 

who helped me stop or reverse 

thoughts that felt like a curse.

When it’s time to purge, I don’t resist that urge.

For allowing a negative thought to exist … to be 

is like insulting all of Humanity.

So, when negative thoughts start smacking, 

remember to send them packing 

off in a flash out into the trash … 

When we make a clean release, 

we always “Purge for Peace”.

Writing #2     “Buying Into …”

People often “Buy into” something to “Get out of” 

personal responsibility, due diligence, pain &/or strife 

to have what they think will be an easier life.

In this day & age ‘selling’ something is all the rage 

… selling for profit … selling for power … selling … 

selling every minute of every hour.

The flip side of selling is ‘buying’.

And all the sellers are vying, without denying, 

for you to try & then buy whatever they are promoting.

And then after your purchase, the seller are counting on your praise 

and you then publically quoting the value of whatever it is you bought 

be it a product or a thought.

The world of “Buying & Selling” is ever evolving & swelling 

to consume one & all, from the very large to the very small.

We all hear its call.

And somewhere in its cycle of events we all enter and fall 

into its addictive traps … until something snaps.

And then we are free to see what has been 

AND what can now be.

How much do we actually need to do our next deed and then proceed?

Will we ever stop buying & buying into more stuff?

When is enough … enough?

Writing #3     “A Social Thunderstorm”

Today we live in a society where morality has 

appeared to vanish overnight.

What was once “wrong & unacceptable” is 

now tolerated daily as ‘alright’.

Most people have even stopped making excuses 

for blatant infractions & abuses.

Hopeless covert mumbling & grumbling 

has now become the norm 

in place of overt righteous indignation 

followed by swift reform.

A social thunderstorm is brewing & fermenting 

all this time while people are stewing & lamenting 

the lack of action for each & every infraction; 

the lack of accountability by & for 

both themselves and you & me.

Just as the seeds we are sewing, 

those ominous rain clouds are gathering & growing.

Once the clouds hold as much as they can take, 

then they will suddenly break … open 

and let the reign of what we have accepted, collected, & disrespected

rain down from the Heavenly skies.

This is a natural cycle on Earth.

It should be no surprise.

As I do recall in the Bible God said that never again would He make 

an Earth flooding rain fall.

I guess he left that up to humans.

Now it’s our call!

With a word to and from the wise there is a marvelous surprise 

waiting to manifest when & where Humans decide to think AND do their best.

Those seeds of “good” can & should counterbalance 

every seed of selfishness & greed 

making ominous clouds lighter & brighter … off putting a deluge … a downpour 

as a balance we humans do restore.

Writing #4     “AA Michael”

The part of Archangel Michael with me is not necessarily 

the same part of Archangel Michael who visits you daily 

or maybe occasionally.

Archangels have many frequencies on which they can transmit 

and they never give up.  They never quit.

Eventually we’ll be lead to tune in to help tune out fear.

Then AA Michael’s voice will become clear.

To be of aid to you and come clearly through 

AA Michael must tailor his actions & responses specifically to you 

so you will know he’s coming through.

AA Michael is sent by God to you, as a human, to be less afraid.  

Please always remember to ask for His aid. 

For if you don’t ask, you might feel that you've been missed 

because you won’t be on AA Michael’s contact list.

Writing #5     “The 2018 Human Race Beacon of Light”

Being a Beacon of Divine Love & Light does not mean 

that you always feel happy, alright, and bright  

filled with and consumed by total absolute delight.

For as part of the 2018 human race, there are some realities 

you must understand and face.

At this time and in this place not everyone in the human race 

is desiring & aspiring to evolve Spiritually into serenity.

Not everyone wants or understands Divinity.

Even though all Humans are Spiritually connected through God,

and here’s the part that’s odd, not everyone can see 

our invisible indivisibility because we each evolve at our own 

interdependent  individual pace in our own way each & every day.

The more we Spiritually grow 

the higher in frequency our thoughts can flow.

At times we can even go beyond fear.

Then we can feel & see Divine Love so crystal clear.

But sometimes, then in a flash it seems we can lose it all & crash 

into the depths & frequencies of despair where no one seems to Love or care.

To end this writing on a positive note let me expand a well known quote …

Necessity" is the Mother of invention …

but "Intention" is the Father of creation, recreation, and Ascension”

Writing #6     “The Waxing & The Waning of Hopes & Complaints"

The waxing and the waning of hoping and complaining 

                               for the "Best of the Best" 

                                            and then 

                            the actual manifested mess


                                       seen at times 

by both ourselves and others … our sisters & our brothers  

                        it seems to be our daily way of life 

                                    filled with both 

         anticipated hope and daily disappointed strife.


                                      seen at times 

by both ourselves and others … our sisters & our brothers  

          as one continuous constant roller coaster ride 

                             driven by our ego pride.


                                     seen at times 

by both ourselves and others … our sisters & our brothers 

             “seen” as bad … but not always understood 

                            that within everything

                        there is always some good.

Writing #7     “ Progressive Religious Revelation”

The message of learning the major message of each Religion 

                     can’t be understated or overrated.

For Spiritually that is what many Humans seek to feel complete 

                   ... to achieve their own inner peace …  

                       … to feel Divine Love and Joy … 

                             that nothing can destroy.

Progressive Religious Revelation from the Source comes through 

        at different times each on a separate different course 

               to solve the pressing problems of that day 

and meet the needs of those present day people in every way.

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